Tactical Strap Installation Guide

Our watch bands can be installed in a matter of seconds, but we understand that some may require a bit of extra effort to achieve the perfect fit. This is why we designed our bands to lock in place with a satisfying click, ensuring a snug and secure fit every time.

If you encounter any difficulties when installing your band, simply give it a gentle push towards your watch until you feel the reassuring click. This will ensure that your band is securely attached and won't rattle or come loose during wear.

We understand that the clasp on our watch bands may seem a bit tricky at first, but rest assured, it's a breeze once you get the hang of it. To ensure a seamless installation process, make sure to insert the band into the watch so that the screw is facing your hand. Aligning the band is simple and effortless when you support the watch against a table, your thigh, or any other sturdy surface.